Information Systems homework help

Question 1

a. Explain, with appropriate examples, how Information Systems (IS) help businesses (10 marks):

i. develop customer and supplier intimacy

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ii. gain competitive edge

b. How do you relate the following terms in the context of an information system: data, information and decision-making. (20 marks)

Question 2

a. MIS provides a variety of information products to managers. Discuss the major reporting alternatives provided by MIS to assist managers in better decision making. Illustrate your answer with examples (10 marks)

b. Why are some organizations facing difficulties to sustain competitive advantage? (10 marks)

c. Business processes should be effective, efficient and adaptable. Explain with the help of examples, the meaning of those terms. (10 marks)


Question 3

A tuition center located in Penang with 5 teachers, 2 admin assistants and 1 cashier. Currently all the process of students’ registration, fees payment, class room assignment and attendance are done manually. You are appointment to study the current process and would like you to propose a computerized system for their internal business processes.

a. Provide Context Diagram and DFD level 0 for the processes that have been identified. (30 marks)

b. From the situation above, suggest hardware, software and networking requirement to facilitate the basic information needed for the tuition center. (10 marks)  Information Systems homework help

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