Information Systems homework help

Write a 1500-word essay addressing each of the following points/questions below. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows you to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. Support your ideas with at least three (3) citations in your essay. Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the essay. The cover page and reference page do not count towards the minimum word amount. Information Systems homework help


Technology surrounds us. We can’t get through a day without using technology. Some of those technologies are changing how we live. Below are 5 Innovative Technologies that are changing the world.

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  • Self-Driving Vehicles – 300 words
  • Voice Interface Technology – 300      words
  • Blockchain – 300 words
  • 3-D Printers – 300 words
  • Artificial Intelligence – 300 words

In your essay: Briefly describe the list of technologies      above followed by the application of a technology transfer model, (provide      examples of how the model could be used-there are 11 models).

Please include as many technical specifics as possible. For examples: Diagramsflow chartsmanagement designs, analytical metricsparameters, or other computing-related details would be beneficial. Algorithms and system specs would be appreciated.

  • Chose a different technology       transfer model for each of the technologies.
  • Provide the pros and cons of       using that model for the innovative technology. For example, 3-D printing       could use the licensing model. What are the limitations and barriers to technology      transfer? Information Systems homework help
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