Human Resource Management homework help

I learned a lot during this course of 10 weeks. Learned that patient satisfaction is very important in today’s health care, and that there are various health care strategies that can be used to make operation decisions. I also learned the importance a good leadership has in their organization, and how it can affect the organization’s success.


After I’m done with my current degree, I plan to apply to a Chiropractic Doctorate program, as my main goal is to open up my own private practice. The knowledge I have gained in this course have helped me understand the management position and will help me look for the right leaders to work in my practice. This class has also provided me with a basis of what skills a health care manager needs to have in order to success in the health care field, and what strategies to use when changes need to be made within the organization. These 10 weeks also opened up my eyes to the quality of care we are receiving, and the current issues the health care field still faces after decades of struggling (underserved populations and quality improvement). I plan to put this knowledge to work when I open up my practice, and provide high quality care to patients, and seek ways of providing care to those that don’t have the means to obtain Chiropractic care but urgently needed.  Human Resource Management homework help

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