Human Resource Management homework help

Take a walk for 20-30 minutes totally by yourself. Wear a mask. Do not bring a notebook, your cell phone, your headphones, camera, or any other device. Do not plan it in advance or combine it with other tasks (working, walking the dog, grocery shopping, etc). Try not to talk or interact with anyone else.

You can begin it anywhere you would like. Let color be the thing that guides you. Allow yourself to become sensitized to the color in your surroundings. As you walk, try to construct a color story or narrative in your head. What colors are you drawn to first? Which ones reveal themselves to you more slowly? What colors do you observe that are unexpected? What color relationships do you notice? Do colors appear to change over time?


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After you come home, come back to class and immediately jot down as many notes about these questions as possible.

Write a two-page, double-spaced reflection on your journey and reflect on these questions as and when they apply. Be sure to include what you thought of the experience and what you gained from it. What surprised you. Include a reflection on what was it like to walk at this time, without any devices or other tasks distracting you from the walk itself. Human Resource Management homework help

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