Hair Revital X

Viviscal’s special blend  Hair Revital X of ArminoM Marine Complex polysaccharides is derived from deepsea fish. You will receive 600 mg dosage when consuming the suggested usage of two tablets daily. You need to take one tablet in the morning and another tablet in the evening. Like all vitamins you should take this vitamin following a meal. This will insure greater absorption throughout your body.For those who may have allergic reactions to fish or more specific shellfish this would not be recommended for you. The positive effects from this ArminoM Marine blend include

A plant called Equisetum or more commonly known as Horsetail has been around for more than 400 million years. You’ll receive 60 mg of this powerful herb extract to help improve your thinning hair. The Horsetail plant has some impressive antioxidant properties which have been traditionally used medicinally to aid in specific issues in the following a reas Another ingredient is Acerola Cherry 240mg  most people are familiar with the high quantity of Vitamin C that derives from the acerola cherry but did you know that it also contains vitamins A B1 B2 and B3. If you have a chance to eat fresh acerola cherries your body absorbs vitamin C better that synthetic ascorbic acid. Here are just a few benefits from this tiny powerful fruit.

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