Frontline health policy documentary

This discussion board is based on the Frontline health policy documentary, Sick Around the World.You should watch the film and then respond to the discussion questions below. (Links to an external site.)

Note About the Film:  This documentary was filmed in April 2008 as the debate over how to reform America’s health care system was heating up.  Think about how our system may have changed since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010.  There may be more similarities with these countries now that the Affordable Care Act has been enacted.  

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Based on the countries discussed in Sick Around the World, if you had to choose which country to live in based solely on its health care system, which country would you choose?  

  • Discuss WHY you would choose that country instead of the other countries discussed in the documentary. 
  • Support your decision with information from the documentary.
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