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Knowing what you have experienced as a customer will help you understand how to better support customers you face. After reading the text and participating in the exploration, reflect on two experiences you have had as a customer in the problem-solving process.


Reflect on one positive example of customer service, and one that did not meet your expectations. Address the following in your initial response:

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  1. What was the problem?
  2. Describe the communication of issue. How did customer service listen?
  3. What were the possible solutions that a) you wanted, and b) the company offered?
  4. Was there an opportunity for you to be involved in the solution (co-production)?
  5. What was the BEST solution?
  6. How was the solution implemented?
  7. Was there any follow-up from the company?
  8. Reflect on each – why was it positive? What needed to be changed? Financial markets homework help
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