Students will be completing a County Market Report where you will explore how to take a product UBER transport service into a foreign country  SENEGAL and develop a marketing plan for that product in the target country.


Final Individual Papers:

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Final individual papers must be 9 to 10 pages, typed in APA format and posted to Blackboard by the due date. The 9 – 10 pages is not counting your cover page, any appendices, or reference sheet.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Environmental Review
    • a.Economic Environment
    • b.Cultural Environment
    • c.Political and Regulatory Environment
    • 3.Buyers and Competitors
  •            a.Buyer Behavior
  •            b.Local and Global Competitors
  • 3.Global Participation Strategy
    • a.Global Market Participation
    • b.Global Market Entry Options/Evaluation
    • 4.Marketing Strategy
  •             a.Product/Service Strategy
  •             b.Pricing Strategy
  •             c.Distribution Strategy
  •             d.Promotion Strategy
  • 5.Sources
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