Federalism is the system of government with power divided between state and nation.  It is important to keep our society controlled, safe, healthy, and protect our rights. The government creates laws which companies need to follow.  So, even health care is impacted by these laws, some policies have been created specifically for health care. Medicare and Medicaid are federal health care programs and with these come set rules, such as, who is eligible for the coverage. If someone is denied coverage and believe they are wrongfully denied coverage they can go to court and have the judge rule on the case.

Policymakers are government members responsible for making new rules, policy, laws, and clearly defining their intent. Policymakers can also be private or public figures with authority to make important decisions to keep order within an organization as setting rules.

In the United States of America, our system is made up of the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government (Teitelbaum, p. 11). Within these branches are policymakers which control taxes, control commerce, pay debts, the general welfare of the public, and even declare war (Teitelbaum, p. 13).

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