Environmental science homework help

In this assignment, you will describe the scarcity of water and how it is a precious resource.


• Research, find, and describe a case of water scarcity and how. Include causes, consequences, and potential resolutions that could reduce the amount of water waste or end scarcity concerns.

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• Discuss how you will implement these ideas into your daily life or how you could support an operation in another country. Include a discussion and details about a specific charity and activist group related to this cause.


• Provide multiple pieces of supporting evidence in your claims, using at least two (2) scholarly resources.

• Provide at least one (1) peer response that elaborates on your classmate’s ideas with further comment or observation, presents a relevant new idea or viewpoint for consideration, and raises a question, or politely offers an alternative perspective.

• Include all references and citations formatted correctly in APA. Environmental science homework help

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