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Discussion: Share Your Prewriting

In Module 2, you developed a research question for your project. In Modules 3, 4, and 5, you researched to find sources to answer that question. In this discussion, you will begin the process of answering that research question.

Using one of the prewriting strategies covered in this module, you will generate ideas and work with those ideas to identify three to five main points that you can make in support of your answer to your research project. Next week, these main ideas will be used to create your thesis statement and a detailed outline. For now, though, let’s just get some ideas down and share them in discussion so that your peers and instructor can provide you with guidance.


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Offer Your Initial Thoughts

Your initial response this week must include the following information, allowing your peers and instructor to provide you with feedback on your ideas.

  • Your research question
  • A discussion of the prewriting strategy you chose to help you generate ideas (freewriting, brainstorming, mapping, etc.). Which one did you use and why did you choose that one?
  • Include your actual prewriting in the discussion (or a screenshot if you used mapping, clustering, or another visual method).
  • List the main ideas you think will be best for supporting your answer to your research question.

Below I have provided guidance notes on the already chosen research topic and possible sources to use. If you need to use better sources, you are free to do so. English homework help

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