English homework help

Inquiry Question: What are good teaching methods for Dyslexic students?

Task Three:  Drafting Stage:

Projects like an annotated bibliography lead you beyond what you knew when you started.

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Your annotated bibliography will be shaped by what you found and what you learned, so it make sense to write the Introduction when you know exactly what you’ve accomplished, and what the final scope and limitations of your resource selection are and then you will follow the directions in chapter 4 for writing your introduction.  Your introduction will include a claim/thesis that is the answer to your inquiry question.

What is included in the annotated bibliography project draft?  The following three (3) sections must be included for your project to be considered complete.

1. Introduction

2. Body with MLA or APA citations and 3 paragraphs about each of your sources.  The explanations here show you what goes in each of the 3 paragraphs.  English homework help


The Introduction

The first paragraph is a summary of the article.  The summary must be an academic summary.  You may want to review the following video that demonstrates how to write an academic summary:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In0jZ59xuvA

The second paragraph will be your reading response/critique.

The third paragraph is your written commentary, also known as an explanation to show how the author’s work helps you answer your inquiry questions and is analysis (not summary).  Your commentary paragraph explains how the author’s ideas answer your question.  You will want to use at least one quote in your critical response.

Paragraphs should be clear, concise, and complete.

Paragraphs should have topic sentences, use transitions, and appropriate conventions for college level writing.

Writing Commentary:  For each source, you are writing three paragraphs, one of which is your commentary on how the source answers your question, and you will use evidence from the text for analysis.  Commentary writing is analytical and allows you to express your thinking.  Below are some resources that will provide you with additional lessons on writing commentary.



3. Conclusion


Please make sure you have the citations in alphabetical order and 3 paragraphs under them labeled: SUMMARY, CRITIQUE, and COMMENTARY English homework help

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