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An embedded system is nothing but a computing system which is meant to perform many operations like to access the info , process the info , store the info and also control the info in electronics based systems.

In embedded systems, software commonly referred to as firmware is hidden inside an equivalent hardware instead of in another hardware. Electronic Engineering homework help

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Basically embedded systems are task specific devices. one among its most vital characteristic is gives the output within the time constraints otherwise you can say they’re time bound systems.

These embedded systems help to form the work more convenient and accurate. So, we frequently use these embedded systems in simple and sophisticated devices too. We use these embedded systems in our real world for several devices and applications like Calculators, microwave, television remote , home security and neighborhood control systems, etc.


Many engineering students show lot of interest to try to to the projects supported embedded systems in their final year. for his or her purpose, we’ve listed here a number of the simplest embedded systems projects ideas which are all very helpful to urge a thought about what sort of projects that they will choose in engineering level.

This list includes many 8051 Microcontroller Projects, PIC Projects and AVR Microcontroller projects. a number of the samples of microcontroller based projects are water level controller using 8051, Propeller LED display, Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System, detector robot, Biometric attendance system, etc. Electronic Engineering homework help