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For this week, read Chapter 11 in your text, and then reflect on assessment, an essential component of effective early childhood programming. For this assignment, you will reflect on what you have learned about assessment and early learning as you evaluate existing assessments, and design and prepare communications for an original assessment.

This assignment includes three parts: 1) The completion of a 2 to 3-page research assignment; 2) The creation of a 1 to 2-page checklist or rating scale; and 3) The inclusion of a 1 to 2-page explanation of your rating scale for parents.

Part 1
Utilizing various resources, research age-appropriate assessments that record and measure the developmental progress of young children.  Identify an appropriate assessment for each age you envision your center serving (infants, toddlers, preschoolers, etc.).

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For each assessment identified, include a sample of the assessment, and then write a brief analysis discussing its strengths and at least one suggested improvement.

Length: 2-3 pages (not including the assessment samples)
References: Minimum of three (3) scholarly resources  Education homework help


Part 2

Next, design a developmental checklist or rating scale (forced-choice, semantic differential, or numerical) that is meant to be used as an assessment tool in your center. Your checklist or rating scale must include appropriate markers to align with the theories that guide the educational program at the center you are planning for your final signature assignment. Be sure your assessment includes the following:

  • Create a statement of focus that briefly introduces the topic and purpose of the assessment.
  • Include motor, speech, cognitive, and social/emotional markers for one chosen age (infants, toddlers, preschoolers, etc.).
  • Consider browsing other checklists on the Internet, but remember that the final product must reflect the various areas of development, be congruent with the material in the text, and of course be written in your own words and unique style.
  • Design a checklist or rating scale that offers an easy-to-use, organized format.

Length: 1-2 pages

Part 3

Write a letter to parents, which could be sent home with the results of your completed assessment.  Explain the purpose of the assessment, what the data represent, and how the data will be used.  Remind them to both remember that each individual child develops at a unique pace and that they can contact you with questions.

Length: 1 page

References: Minimum of three (3) scholarly resources Education homework help

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