Education homework help

Answer the following questions after watching this video

1. Did the Lisa Leslie or Gayle King violate any conversational or contextual rules during this interview ?

2. What type of gestures and posture and movement did Lisa Leslie  and  Gayle King exhibit during the interview? How do you view the nonverbal communication that each person displayed(give examples for each)?

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3. Imagine you are in Lisa Leslie’s ‘shoes’. You are being interviewed concerning the passing of a very famous person that you were either connected to or was friends with.  The interviewer begins to bother you with personal questions about your famous friend’s personal life style-and confronts you about rumors concerning their public image. You begin to feel very uncomfortable, but want to remain calm. What would you do in order to continue the interview while avoiding those awkward questions?

Each question must be 5-7 sentences  Education homework help

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