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Consider the following scenarios:

Soon after her child’s birth, Myra began to feel overwhelmed with the daily tasks of caring for her infant. Initially, Myra noticed that she felt listless, and soon she started forgetting to do caregiving tasks and things around the house. Picking up has become a chore she avoids, and changing the baby into pajamas at night has turned into an unwanted task. She knows that reading and talking to her baby is important, but she does not have the energy. Instead, she elects to place him in front of the TV. Often, her baby, who is now 4 months old, will gaze up at her face during feeding, and Myra will gaze out the window, wondering how she will find the energy just to get through the day. On the one hand, she feels she needs to change course somehow, but on the other, she is consumed with feelings of isolation and an inability to act.


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Jessie is also the parent of a 4-month-old. She is often tired but tries to keep on top of daily household and caregiving tasks, and her interactions with her infant son are a priority. She reads and sings to her son throughout the day and carefully follows the cues he gives her with his eyes—maintaining eye contact when his eyes seek her own, and lowering activity levels when his eyes look away. Although she certainly feels stressed at times, she tries to get enough sleep and frequently connects with her friends for input and advice. Education homework help

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