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This assignment will focus on the right to be free from unreasonable searches at school and school-sponsored events. Candidates will examine the law related to a variety of student searches.

Read Chapter 6 in Stader. Candidates will design a 10-minute professional development seminar/presentation for faculty and staff at their school or school district regarding student search. Use the legal and ethical frameworks studied in Chapter 6 to guide your presentation. The presentation can use any presentation tool including PowerPoint. It should include the following information: Education homework help

1. What legal principles define school officials’ authority to search students?

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2. What ethical guides should school leaders use in making search decisions?


3. When may a student search be unreasonable?

4. When may student lockers, automobiles and book bags be searched?

6. Important case law and legal statutes.

7. Sample case scenario (s) for discussion.

The presentation must have approximately 10-15 slides and at least 5 specific bibliographic sources cited. The presentation should be visually interesting using pictures and graphics to present the topic. Limit the number of words in a line and the number of lines on a slide. The assignment will be evaluated using content accuracy and quality of writing elements as well as conformity with instructions.

Candidates should submit their presentation here and in the discussion Board drop box in order to share it with classmates Education homework help