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Discuss in 250-300 words the characteristics of a research problem based on the given problem statement.

Problem Statement

The new communication technologies offered to community new ways of sharing ideas, experiences and opinions. The use of social media networks have statistically become the most preferred online communication tool since it appears to attract the rising interest of young individuals. Education homework help

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According to the Social Network Survey which was conducted worldwide in June 2014, the following statistics have shown that in 2012 more than a 1.4 billion internet users have accessed the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), having Facebook the market leader as it is the first social network with 1 billion registered accounts. This new social trend seems to impact the purchasing behaviour of young consumers based on different consumption experiences that are posted online by cultivating the interest of similar consumption by others (Yang, 2012). These actions may result as different forms of imitation or role modelling as a guide for purchasing behaviour directed from their peers (Forbes, 2013). This type of behaviour as it is revealed from the role modelling others’ experiences, have its initiative from the cultivation theory which is reflected in the purchasing behaviour. Cultivation theory was caught to explain how individuals’ purchasing behaviour is cultivated according to social trends and famous role models (coming from reality shows and television) of admiration (Sherman & Arthur, 2012). Small number of direct investigations have been executed regarding the interactive behaviour among users (Olbrich & Holsing, 2011), therefore, in a climate that supports the existing evidence of cultivation theory applied from reality shows and television it is important that researchers extend this line of investigation into a new research that will examine the impact of social media modelling on purchasing behaviour.

2. Research Proposal

Discuss in 200-250 words, the topic and research objectives/questions of your research proposal or any other concerns you may have regarding the task that you need to submit.  Education homework help


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