data from the CDC

this exercise you will use data from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to find the weekly incidence of one of the reported diseases in a particular state for a particular year. You will than plot these data and look for any seasonal patterns for the disease. 1. Click on the following hyperlink: 2. Use the change year/week button to select a year of interest. Note that the tables will list only diseases with a prevalence of more than 1000 in the previous year, so the list of disease may differ in different years. 3. Select a disease that happens rather frequently or your graph will be very boring. Look at the top of the table where the total number of cases in the US in the previous two years is reported. 4. Select a state. Again, look for one where the disease occurs fairly frequently or your graph will be dull. 5. Finally, record the incidence of that disease in that state for that week. Then use the change year/week button to select the next week. 6. Collect the weekly incidence for all 52 weeks of the year. 7. Plot your data. 8.Turn in a hard copy of your graph with appropriate title, labelled axis and comment on any seasonal patterns or lack of seasonality, and briefly speculate on why the disease shows this pattern. .

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