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In Chapter 1, you are introduced to the concept of crime. Crime is defined as an act that violates criminal law and is punishable by criminal sanctions. In modern times, crime is considered an offense against society, and alleged criminals are prosecuted by the state rather than by victims.


 Also you are introduced to the purpose and goals of the criminal justice system. Additionally, you are introduced to the criminal justice system and its various components. You will learn about the concept of federalism, the three levels of law enforcement, the dual court system, and the correctional system. Chapter 1 familiarizes you with the values and ethics of the criminal justice system. Our system of justice is often described as having two processes: one formal and one informal. The formal criminal justice process involves prescribed procedures such as booking, setting bail, and the like. For every step in the formal process, though, someone has discretion, and such discretion leads to an informal process.

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Finally, Chapter 1 discusses the role of the criminal justice system in the fight against terrorism. Criminal homework help

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