Criminal homework help

  1. Provide a chronological overview of the female serial killer’s family background and identify significant life events that occurred from birth to teenage years (3 slides).
  2. Provide a chronological overview of the female serial killer’s crimes and significant life events that occurred from teenage years through the serial murders she committed (5 slides).
  3. Select three criminological theories and describe how each theory explains her crimes (6 slides – 2 slides per theory).Criminal homework help


Aileen Wuornos was a female serial killer. The Learning Resources focus on Wuornos’ lengthy criminal history leading up to the murders. Her history provides insight as to why she was a career criminal and ultimately, a serial killer.

For this Assignment, you will focus on a female serial killer of your choice. The Assignment requires you to answer a series of questions regarding your chosen female serial killer’s background and significant life events, tracing them through childhood and into adulthood. Taking this into account, you must also select three criminological theories that might explain her crimes. Criminal homework help

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