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Race and ethnicity are terms that  are commonly confused in everyday life. Furthermore, the concepts of  racism, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination are often topics of  discussion without much thought as to their precise meaning. First,  discuss in your life how these terms have been used by yourself,  friends, and family members and how that usage differs from sociological  understanding. Second, comment on whether or not these terms have  played a role in your life (positive or negative) and in what manner.


 Third, imagine that you identify yourself under the label “Hispanic”;  given the knowledge presented, how might you respond to the following  statement: “But you don’t look Hispanic … !” Fourth and finally, post a  response to another classmate’s posting discussing your thoughts in a  respectful and thoughtful manner. What stood out to you about their  discussion? Can you empathize?

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NOTE: Make sure you answer all parts of the discussion question.

SUBMISSION – IN DISCUSSION BOARD ASSIGNED, and be timely in order to allow your classmates to respond. Criminal homework help

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