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“Sanctuary cities” have become the topic of heavy media and political discussion. A sanctuary city is a city within the United States whose local government intentionally limits or restricts cooperation with immigration enforcement agents in order to protect undocumented or “illegal” immigrants from deportation. This is controversial for many reasons. Criminal homework help

On the one hand, undocumented immigrants are violating the law, and the law must be enforced. Some, including President Donald Trump, have also argued that those undocumented immigrants are taking the jobs of legal U.S. citizens, or even committing additional crimes (including violent crimes) against law-abiding U.S. citizens.


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On the other hand, as a matter of public policy, we want people living in the U.S. to help their fellow citizens and talk to the police when appropriate. If undocumented immigrants know they will be deported when they talk to police, they may decide not to report a crime. Undocumented immigrants may also choose not to help a citizen in need out of fear of deportation. Thus, sanctuary cities are those cities who believe the latter argument.

It is imperative for criminal justice professionals to consider sanctuary cities and how the criminal justice system will operate in those cities. The challenges that criminal justice professionals in sanctuary cities face are very different than in non-sanctuary cities. There are also financial, logistical, and social implications of sanctuary city status that could impact criminal justice enforcement, legal prosecution, and the immigration and customs process.

Post two challenges that criminal justice professionals could face in a sanctuary city. Then, discuss how they might overcome these challenges. Include references to a city or state of your choice. Criminal homework help

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