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  1. Imagine you have been hired to conduct a social engineering penetration test by a flooring sales and installation company with showrooms, warehouses, and offices throughout the state. Recently, several employees, including the company’s president, fell prey to a phishing scam. The company’s leadership realized they needed to better understand social engineering to better protect the company, the employees, and their customers. The first step is to present a general overview of social engineering and how social engineering threats function in preparation for the social engineering penetration test to the leadership team.


    Create a 10- to 12-slide media-rich presentation with speaker notes providing your client with details on how the social engineering penetration test will be conducted. Include the following information:

    Explain the concept of social engineering and how it can threaten the security of an organization.

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    Describe human-, computer-, and mobile-based methods of social engineering.

    Explain differences between social engineering threats from inside and outside an organization.

    Identify tools and techniques used in a social engineering campaign.

    Explain how credentials are captured.

    Describe the target audience and what characteristics will be exploited in your social engineering penetration test.

    Format your references according to APA guidelines. Computer Science homework help

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