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Develop a web-based project as part of a system for “Team management and communication.” over two phases. The system should enable any registered team leader to: add, update, or delete a task. The system should also allow registered team members to view his tasks along with their data ,deadline and progress.

Hint: you should search for task attributes (not less than 3) other than ID, name, deadline and progress from the internet and give the associated reference.

Phase 1 (GUI)

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At phase 1, develop the client interface to provide the following tasks

Differentiating user in the client side Computer Science homework help

For team leaders only:

  • Add a task
  • Delete a task using its ID
  • View all tasks for his team

For both team leaders and registered team members:

  • View his task details using its ID
  • Search for tasks that have specific values for one of the attributes (not less than 2 attributes)



Provide the necessary attributes and GUI interfaces and use the necessary communicating protocol.

Phase 2 (Server-side service)

At phase 2, develop five web-side services using the JAVA programming languages. For each service listed in phase one, you should provide a website service using JAVA and provide the required security for your services to grant access only to authorized users

Here are some details regarding the functionality of some services:

  • Add task: this service should store on the server side in a file (in XML or JSON format) with the information passed from the client side. Please note that this service should first check if the task does already exist on the file, if found then progress should be updated.
  • Delete task: this service should update the corresponding file.
  • View all tasks: this service should return the whole content of the file to the client to be presented in a user-friendly format.
  • View task details using its ID: return to the user the attributes of the required task.
  • Search for tasks that have specific values for one of the attributes (not less than 2 attributes) and return all matching tasks to be presented in a user friendly format. Computer Science homework help
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