Computer Science homework help

All three sections are difference assignments can be done in sinle word document

Section I 

400 to 600 words with two APA reference

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Create a post discussing standards and procedures. Discuss the following:

  • Which standards may apply to your      project company?
    • Explain why these standards are       relevant to your company.
  • How are standards different from      procedures?
  • How are standards and procedures      important to the organization?
  • How are standards and procedures      eventually incorporated into policies?

Note that standards can be internal and external.

Section 2 

400 to 600 words with two APA Reference

You just became the lead security person at a small company. Assume normal setup, e-mail, company Web site, internal servers, and so forth. Although your title is not chief security officer (CSO), you report directly to the chief information officer (CIO). The person who was previously in your position moved out of state and does not respond to calls or e-mails. The CIO tells you, “You have 90 days to get that area together! I want to see your high-level approach by Monday morning.” You have three inexperienced but energetic people on your team, and it is Friday afternoon. Computer Science homework help


Discuss the following:

  • What are the 4 key actions you need      to take within the first 90 days (or sooner)?
  • Who will be involved?
  • Include an explanation of the      benefits of these actions

Remember, this is high level, so write two or three paragraphs with the 4 action items highlighted. The majority (90%) of your report will outline what has to be done, and the remainder (10%) should include how this will be done.

Section 3

400 to 600 words with two APA Reference

Create a policy for borrowing a car. What are some of the rules you would give someone if they were to borrow your car? (If you do not have a car, for the sake of this assignment, imagine that you do.) For inspiration, think of some of the rules that apply when renting a car, and consider the following:

  • Would the borrower be responsible      for any parking tickets incurred?
  • How many miles can they use on your      car?
  • Is food allowed in the car?
  • What specifically would you expect      when they return the car? Computer Science homework help