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Consider the following scenario of a business data model and answer the following questions: –

An Item booking is associated with one customer and a customer may be involved in more than one item bookings. Every Item booking is identified by item_booking_id, date_rented, date_returned, rental_amount_due, other_rental_details and customer details. Customer details include customer_id, customer_name, customer_email, customer_phone and customer_address.


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1. a. Write an embedded Item booking document schema in MongoDB as per the item booking details given in the above scenario. Embed the customer details in the Item booking document (You can use any values for the fields). Explain the Schema in your words.

b. List any 1 advantage and disadvantage of embedded data model in the context of the above embedded document schema. Explain.

2. a. Update the above embedded item booking document and describe the relationships in the document using references.  Explain your answer.

b. List the advantages of using references to describe the related data in the context of the above scenario. Explain your answer. Computer Science homework help