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Taking Your Website Global

You are developing a website for this class. That website is oriented toward a domestic audience. This paper assignment invites you to consider what work you would need to do if you wanted to launch your website in another country or another region.

Assignment: Choose a country or a region where you would like to re-launch your website. Write a two-page paper that discusses the major factors that you will need to address in order to launch your website in another country or another region. The following questions must be addressed in your report:

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1. Overview: why are you interested in launching your website in another country or region?

2. What factors will you add to your website to make it appeal to people in the country or region you have chosen as your target for your global launch?

3. What challenges will you face when you try to move the website to another country or region?

a. Think about cultural differences you will need to accommodate. How will these change your choices about the global version of your website?

b. How will government regulations change your approach to your content? Find out what kinds of regulations you may need to accommodate based on the country and/or region you have chosen.  Computer Science homework help


4. How would you change the website content and design to make it work in the country or region you have chosen to launch it?

5. What are the ethical issues related to launching your site in the country or region you have chosen? Explain why these ethical issues are important.

6. Write a conclusion that relates your website to global learning (definition below). Reflect on what you have learned and how you will use this learning in the future?

Citations. All sources of information used to support your essay should be cited using APA format.

Global Learning Definition:

Global learning focuses on transnational economic, political, environmental, physical, social and cultural issues and their implications. It enables students to:

1. Advance their knowledge and understanding of global issues, events and histories;

2. Strengthen their knowledge and understanding of divergent global perspectives and pluralistic views and develop their abilities to thoughtfully communicate across difference; and,

3. Apply learning and consider opportunities for ethical engagement, identifying ways their actions affect both local and global communities. Computer Science homework help

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