: challenges of global virtual projects


Virtual project management is where given work is distributed across different people who are present in different parts of the world and given person leads team, assigns work to them and conduct meetings. Because virtual teams work from different locations and they come from different parts of the world they would end up facing significant challenges. This paper explores what are the challenges virtual project management would be facing. We will be proposing those lists of steps that they need to take to overcome them. The given rise of technology, cost cutting, global talent, to gain access to the global markets and executing the given project in less amount of time thereby increasing the revenue of the company virtual projects have come to existent.

Virtual project workflow

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Virtual project workflow involves listening to others, taking requirement from the top level executives of the team about project and where the given project will be used and budget.

Then it involves assigning the given work to the based on the collaborative skills, creativity, and problem solving skills of team members and based on the geographical location they are in. Once the given tasks are assigned then you will follow up on the status of the given tasks and then you will encourage, supportive, give some amount of training so that the given tasks will be done. Once the review of given project is done you will submit to top level executives of a company.

Challenges of virtual teams

Challenges involve communication where people end up speaking different languages and have less face to face interaction between them. Physical distribution, scheduling meetings/time zones since people live in different time zones project manager must figure out the right time to schedule meetings, slow response time, lack of trust since trust are generally build when you get to know the personality, behavior of other person when you interact with other people. Diverse cultural teams where people have different cultures and loss of morale, team spirit like people will complain offshore teams are not performing well, unfamiliar leadership style.

Case study

Culture Wizard is a digital transformation company which improves employee engagement and collaboration ushering in new levels of innovation and productivity. CW conducted a survey which had 1620 respondents from 90 countries which indicates continuing interest in the subject of how to cultivate high-performing global virtual teams.

Despite that training and recognition of the value of diversity, we recognize the potential for conflict on diverse global virtual teams. Much of that challenge is a result of deeply rooted behaviors that may be dramatically different from culture to culture

Out of the vast list of Inter-cultural issues in the teams, as we read the comments, we couldn’t help but empathize with team members who are not adequately prepared to understand, interpret, and adjust to the intercultural dynamics that always appear when working across cultures.

Given the ubiquity of global virtual teamwork we cannot overstate the magnitude of the challenge that virtual work introduces to productivity.

Recommendations / How to overcome?

Effective leadership of global virtual teams is more important than ever. Even without the challenges of working between cultures, the smooth functioning of these teams is already difficult enough.

People can end up communicating using methods like slack, Gmail and for meetings using zoom are found to very effective, time zones can be found to be advantage also disadvantage organizations can assign parallel works like one team develops the code, offshore team develops the testing, loss of moral and team spirit teams organizations can overcome this by appreciation, performance bonus, unfamiliar leadership can be solved by manager interacting with each and every person discussing the problems, providing solutions, empathizing with others, trust by being transparent, helping others.

Create team charter/rules: Immediately after formation of the team, leaders should facilitate the development of operating structures and guidelines.

Distribute an agenda: Before each meeting, prepare and distribute an agenda so that people can formulate their thoughts and questions.

Rotate time-zones: On global teams, one of the most difficult challenges is the inconvenience of doing work at awkward times of the day

Encourage participation: Active participation during meetings may be awkward for some team members, but effective teams manifest regular participation by all members.

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