Business & Finance homework help

Process Map – 10 points

The Process Map is a very important staple in any performance improvement project. After viewing the Video Demonstration on how to create a process map, create a process map based on the following guidance and submit a file via the link by the due date:

1.Think about a high-level process that you engage in on a daily basis.

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2. Create a process map in Power Point with maximum of 8 steps (rectangles) with a start/stop (ovals).

3. Be sure to use the subject/verb/direct object guidance as seen in the video. Also do not forget to add the arrows.

Save as LastNameFirstName_M1Process Map and submit by the due date


Measurement Systems Analysis – 30 points

Instructions: After completing the reading and viewing the MSA Demo Video, use the data in the attached spreadsheet and run a Gage R&R.

In a separate word document, write a brief paragraph (no more than 1/2 a page) explaining the results.

How to submit: Submit the following by the due date saved as Last Name First Name_MSA

1. Excel spreadsheet with results from SigmaXL

2. Word document with explanation of the results and what they mean (no more than 1/2 page) Business & Finance homework help

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