Business & Finance homework help

Competency 3 – Uses the principles of financial analysis to evaluate alternative business strategies and make business decisions.

Comprehensive Financial Statement Problem – Part 3

Complete final part of final demonstration of mastery related to Competency 3 content; using the financial statement for selected company (Lyft) , benchmark the financial data and indicate ways the company can improve its performance; use data from another company in the same sector to complete a comparative analysis. For the final demonstration of mastery students will present all findings in some form of a presentation. Business & Finance homework help

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  1. For the company you have used in Competencies 1 and 2, find an industry-leading competitor to use to benchmark against this company.
  2. Select at least two types of comparative analysis to complete on the data from the company (Lyft). Why did you select these two forms?


  3. Present this data so that corporate leaders, stockholders, and the public can understand it. This should be in both numeric/table and graph (such as bar graphs, histograms, etc.) form.
    • For assistance on creating graphs and charts in Excel, please see one of the following tutorials
      • Excel – Create a chart from start to finish (Links to an external site.)
      • Excel 2016 – Charts (Links to an external site.)
  4. How does this information add to the story from Competencies 1 and 2? What new information did you learn about the company? How does this add to or change the ideas you have about the company’s financial status? What suggestions do you have for the company for moving forward?
  5. How do you plan to present this information for the final demonstration of mastery?
  6. Cite any sources used in APA format.
  7. 5  reference – 1 being the Holy Bible Business & Finance homework help
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