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 Explain the change management process. You may create a flow chart to illustrate the process.

2. Identify the major external forces for change and explain how the external environment can impact on change strategies.

3. Explain the concept of a cost benefit analysis as part of the change management process. Business Assignment Help

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4. Explain how, according to Lewin, change can implemented and embedded.

5. Describe the steps in Kotter’s process for leading change implementation?


6. Identify strategies and actions for embedding change in structure, processes and people.

7. Explain how organizational behavior can affect change strategies.

8. List potential barriers to change and explain possible strategies and action to address barriers.

9. Describe the components of a change management project plan.

10. Explain how stakeholders with high interest and high power can influence change strategies and how they should be managed to minimize risk to the change project.

Task 1

1. What techniques and tools did the organization use to assess the impact of the proposed change?

2. What techniques and tools did the organization use to assess change readiness?

3. Identify the organization’s change vision. What is it and how has it been communicated to stakeholders?

4. What alternative methods could the organization have used to communicate its change vision?

5. Identify the organization’s change strategy. What is the goal or key objectives of the strategy?  Business Assignment Help

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