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On April 01, 2016 Anees started business with Rs. 100,000 and other transactions for the month are:

  1. Purchase Furniture for Cash Rs. 7,000.
  2. Purchase Goods for Cash Rs. 2,000 and for Credit Rs. 1,000 from Khalid Retail Store.
  3. Purchase computer for Rs 5000 out of which Rs 2000 was paid as cash and the remaining were credited as Notes payable.
  4. Sold goods to Rahim Sons of worth Rs 6000 cash Received 3000.


  5. Sold Goods to Khan Brothers Rs. 12,000 and Cash Sales Rs. 5,000.
  6. Owner withdrew of worth Rs. 2,000 for personal use.
  7. Paid Khalid Retail Store Rs. 500. 26. Received Rs. 10,000 from Khan Brothers.
  8. Received Rs. 3,000 from Rahim sons. 28. Paid Rent of Rs 2000 for the month of April.
  9. paid utility bills for the month Rs 1800 30. Paid Salaries Expense Rs. 2,000

1. Prepare general journal entries for the above given transactions
2. Post the entries to Ledger from General journal  Business Assignment Help

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