Budget Request Proposal

A precinct commander instructs members of his or her command regarding the unit’s fiscal management strategies, goals, and objectives.


STEP 1: Imagine you are a precinct commander, and your Police Chief requests your help in submitting a budget request for 5 additional patrol officers in response to rising crime rates. Budget analysts will challenge the Chief’s budget request, so your task is to develop at least 3 input, 3 output, and 3 outcome measures to justify the request.

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STEP 2: Write a 525- to 700-word proposal of performance measures related to funding the 5 officers that will support the budget request. Your measures must be a mix of input, output, and outcome measures and will help measure the success of adding the officers. Specific inputs should lead to specific outputs, resulting in desired outcomes.


For your proposal, be sure to:


  • Explain what input, output, and outcome measures are.


  • Include a minimum of 3 of each measure (Input, Output, Outcome).


  • Describe each measure in detail.


  • Identify how each measure relates to and supports the budget request for the additional 5 officers.



STEP 3: Cite at least 2 outside references to support your assignment.



STEP 4: Format your assignment according to APA guidelines to include, at a minimum, the APA cover page, Introduction, level headers/titles for each required assignment discussion point, Conclusion, and Reference page.



Step 5: Run the paper through Safe Assign and ensure that Similarity Index is under 22%; double-check that all grammar and spelling are correct.


STEP 6: Submit your assignment.