Biology homework help


In at least 750 words, or 3 double-spaced pages, prepare a case report that addresses the following:

  1. Based on the case study provided, respond to the following questions:
    • Identify and differentiate the symptoms from the signs in this patient.
    • Did you find any remarkable detail in the personal and social history of our patient that can help to make the diagnosis? Biology homework help
    • What results do you expect to find in the tests ordered?
    • What are some future complications the patient is at risk of developing?


  2. Do the urinary incontinence and the cystocele have any relationship with dystocic deliveries? Why or why not?
  3. Is cystocele a cause of urinary tract infections? Explain your position.
  4. What could be the cause of the whitish and cottage cheese-like vaginal discharge the patient had in her last pregnancy? Is that common? Why or why not?
  5. What is the prognosis of Mrs. Meriwether’s cystocele? Can you mention other causes of urinary obstructions?
  6. According to the history, our patient was very concerned about having a tumor. What are some tumors of the female reproductive system that we should rule out in this case?
  7. Mrs. Meriwether had two episodes of renal colic produced by a renal lithiasis. Describe this diagnosis and the prognosis. Is this condition related to a chronic kidney disease? Why or why not?

All references must be cited using APA Style format. Minimum of 3 reliable sources.

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