Biology homework help

Nutrition Article Instructions:

Find an online nutrition-related article based on a topic that is of great interest to you. The article should be relevant to a subject, or topic, that was presented during this nutrition course. The article must come from a credible source, and be presented by a credentialed author, writer, editor, and/or reviewer. (i.e, RD, MS, MD, PhD, M.Ed).


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 In the text entry, provide the web link to the article you have chosen to read and review. I must be able to easily access the article directly through the link you provide, in order for you to earn credit for this task.

  • What interested you most about the article you chose to review.
  • Discuss what you learned most from reading this article.
  • Explain how you might use this knowledge in your own life, family, or career ?

Your typed response must be a minimum of 200 words. To help meet this requirement, make sure to involve enough detail and explanation in your discussion. Biology homework help

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