Assignment 4 Module 10

Create a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) form for a private insurer in  Saudi Arabia to assess individuals’ health and lifestyle to determine  risk and premium cost. The HRA should include a list of questions in a  survey format. The survey should include questions  to determine:

  1. Pre-existing conditions,
  2. Lifestyle patterns  that could lead to illness,
  3. History of physician  visitation,
  4. Any other issues  that would impact risk assessment and healthcare costs of individuals, and
  5. Include a paragraph  describing the reasoning behind the selection of the criteria for all drafted questions.


  • The  survey should consist of 4-6 questions.
  • The  paper should be at least 2 pages in length, not including the cover sheet, reference page, and questionnaire pages.
  • Formatted  according to APA and Saudi Electronic University writing standards.
  • Provide  support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles. Two  of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but two must be external. The  Saudi Digital Library is a good place to find these references.
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