Architecture and Design homework help

For this assignment, create a Facebook page on an artist/sculpture/architect from the Late Medieval Period in Italy.  You may use Publisher, the attached template, or any other program that you are familiar with to complete the assignment. This assignment is worth 45 points. Architecture and Design homework help

Using the attached template, create a Facebook page for a historical figure using the following guidelines:

  • Name of artist at the top of the page
  • 1 picture of a work of art by your artist (in place of a profile image)


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Information Corner/Basic Information ( 3 points)

  • Place of birth
  • Birthday
  • Hometown-where did they do most of their works?

Friends Corner (12 points):

  • 6 pictures of works of art by artists that are/would be friends with your artist

The Wall (30 points):

  • Write 6 significant facts on The Wall. These facts need to highlight important events that your artist. 3 comments must be made by your artist and refer to an actual work/commission. Be sure to include the date.  Three response posts or comments must be from someone associated with your artist; one of their friends. Include a work from the person making the comment as their profile picture.
  • Remember to cite all outside information (textbook, too) used to complete this assignment. Architecture and Design homework help
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