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Journal 5

Based upon the assigned readings and presentations, you will answer all questions using current APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12- point font, and double spaced). All answers must be compiled in a Word document. Citations from the assigned reading are required in answering the questions. The written assignments must include at least one reference(s) in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. Each answer must be comprehensive, with sport related current examples. Each question must be answered with 400–500 words. Select 4 of the following questions to answer. Critical thinking must be demonstrated in each answered question. Applied Sciences homework help


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  1. Consider the social theories studied in chapter 2. Which of these theories would you be most likely to address the needs of the sport and physical opportunities for older people and people with physical or mental disability? Choose the theory that would likely carry the banner and explain your choice?
  2. Identify our barriers from a conflict theorist position to the most daunting barriers a youngster from the lowest economic class faces and discuss the effect of those barriers. Who should lead in the implementation of yours suggest strategies and what is the source for the financial resources needed?
  3. Should your tax dollars be used to build sport arenas?  Should we provide tax incentives for sport organizations but not for the other private business?
  4. Should the government use sport as diplomatic tool to promote American Ideology?
  5. Should the government support elite athletes who make participate in the Olympics?
  6. In what ways has sport mirrored moral and societal issues in society?
  7. What affect would be promoting gender fairness and equality in sport have upon our societal views toward women?  Applied Sciences homework help
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