Applied Sciences homework help

  • Consider how health behavioral theories and models at the individual level explain behavior—yours or that of another person.
  • Choose one theory or model and apply it to a personal health behavior–-or a health behavior of a friend or family member–not mentioned in Week 1.
  • Review the media titled, “Juanita’s Story: Parts 1-5” (Laureate Education, 2018b-f). Consider the various influences on Juanita and how a theory or model might explain some of her behaviors.


By Day 4

Post a comprehensive response for the following:

  • Describe your selected  smoking. personal behavior and your chosen intrapersonal theory or model.
  • Then, explain how this theory or model applies to your selected behavior.
  • In your explanation, select at least two of the theory’s or model’s constructs that apply and then explain why they are applicable. Be specific and provide examples in your response. Applied Sciences homework help
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