active observation

For this assignment you must practice the process of active observation by visiting visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, located here at campus [Link], to practice your observation techniques within another context/environment.

Start with finding very simple things that you never noticed in that space before. Pay attention to the colors, smells, sounds, objects, textures, and basically any sensory element that can be experienced by you and your senses. Our class lecture about Observation can help you to enhance your experience. Think about the discussions we had in class about active observation vs seeing, metacognition, theatricality and absorption, and Gestalt principles.

Your submission for this assignment includes two components. First you need to provide a detailed documentation of your observation by following the 7 steps of practicing observation as we discussed in the class. In your written documentation you must respond to each of those 7 steps by writing about your experience in each step. This first component has to be submitted to Canvas as a pdf or doc file. Handwritten documents are NOT accepted.

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The second component for each observation is related to step 7 of your observation practice which is “immediate review.” During (or shortly after) each observation you need to process your observed information by having at least one sketch. The sketch(es) could be in any format such as drawing, rough notes, recorded sound or video, photographs, etc. This sketch is the second component of your assignment and you need to submit a copy of that sketch(es) alongside your written documents. Please remember that each observation needs its own sketch.

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