A Doll’s House Is Fabulous Study Of People Who Are Stuck In Times And Traditions. Our Main Characters Are: Nora, Torvald, Christine, And Krogstad. A Monologue Is A Speech By One Actor On Stage. It Is Usually During A Conversation And Does Not Always Have

A Doll’s House is fabulous study of people who are stuck in times and traditions. Our main characters are: Nora, Torvald, Christine, and Krogstad. A monologue is a speech by one actor on stage.  It is usually during a conversation and does not always have to be honest words.  Now it is time to combine your knowledge of characters and your knowledge of drama.


A monologue that begins, “I know what I did was wrong, but I don’t know how to tell Torvald…”

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  • Please write a one to two paragraph monologue that reflects one of the main character’s personalities:
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